segfault using python bindings

David Bremner david at
Wed Aug 14 12:20:13 PDT 2019

Floris Bruynooghe <flub at> writes:

> These are at
> I'm not really convinced of the way forward last time it was discussed
> on how to get them merged into notmuch itself so have failed to put in
> the not insignificant effort.
> I've since wondered if just getting them standalone on pypi is perhaps a
> useful service in the mean time as it's relatively little effort.  And
> if there eventually is a desire again to get them merged in some way
> that could still be done.

Can you remind me what the percieved blockers are for merging into the
main notmuch tree? I'm less hung up on python2 compatibility than I used
to be, fwiw. I'd be ok with shipping the old python2 bindings in contrib
for a bit for those who still need/want them, but concentrate our
maintenance effort on the cffi bindings.


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