Moving notmucch between machines

David Bremner david at
Tue Aug 13 03:46:34 PDT 2019

Dan Čermák <dan.cermak at> writes:

> Hi Bart,
> Bart Bunting <bart at> writes:
>> I am migrating from OSX to Linux and want to move my mail over.
>> I am unsure of the best way to approach the problem.
>> Is it possible to somehow export and re import tags or can I simply move the
>> maildir and notmuch indexes over and expect things to work?

notmuch dump and restore are intended for jobs like this (as well as for
backing up the database in a relatively compact form).

> You can "abuse" the nmbug script for that: it saves all your tags into a
> git repository and allows you to later apply all the tags onto another
> notmuch database.

FWIW, nmbug is just a wrapper around notmuch dump and restore.

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