notmuch ignoring alot of emails

Alexei Gilchrist te100 at
Sun Mar 31 15:02:21 PDT 2019

That’s interesting. Do you know a link to the file spec for maildir 
file content? All I can find is information about the directory 
structure and file naming, not the file content.

mbsync which specialises in maildir also had an initial “From “ line 
for me, and they are independently configured. I’ll try out a couple 
of different mail hosts to see if it’s that.

I can imagine that mutt just assumes they are maildir files once 
configured that way, but mu also assumes the files are maildir and also 
uses gmime to parse. However the current version on home-brew (Mac) is 
linked to a version of gmime which was fixed to accomodate multiple 
“From “ lines I believe, though I haven’t dug through the source 



On 31 Mar 2019, at 22:00, Tomas Nordin wrote:

> Alexei Gilchrist <te100 at> writes:
>> Every message file begins with “From “. This is true of all 
>> messages
>> downloaded by both offlineimap (with type = Maildir) and mbsync.
>> neomutt has no issues dealing with these files as maildir and mu has 
>> no
>> issues indexing them either. I’m assuming that stating with “From
>> “ is part of the maildir spec.
> FWIW, I use Offlineimap and files retreived with it here does not 
> begin
> with "From". I see things like "Received: from..." or 
> "Return-Path:..."
> as the beginning of the first line.
>> Try it. Send yourself a message with the line “From bad parsing 
>> comes
>> chaos” and see if your notmuch can find it. My version can’t.
> I tried that and find messages as expected. I mean, the message I sent
> and this thread.
> Best regards
> --
> Tomas

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