notmuch ignoring alot of emails

Tomas Nordin tomasn at
Sun Mar 31 04:00:41 PDT 2019

Alexei Gilchrist <te100 at> writes:

> Every message file begins with “From “. This is true of all messages 
> downloaded by both offlineimap (with type = Maildir) and mbsync.
> neomutt has no issues dealing with these files as maildir and mu has no 
> issues indexing them either. I’m assuming that stating with “From 
> “ is part of the maildir spec.

FWIW, I use Offlineimap and files retreived with it here does not begin
with "From". I see things like "Received: from..." or "Return-Path:..."
as the beginning of the first line.

> Try it. Send yourself a message with the line “From bad parsing comes 
> chaos” and see if your notmuch can find it. My version can’t.

I tried that and find messages as expected. I mean, the message I sent
and this thread.

Best regards

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