notmuch ignoring alot of emails

David Bremner david at
Sun Mar 31 16:27:56 PDT 2019

"Alexei Gilchrist" <te100 at> writes:

> That’s interesting. Do you know a link to the file spec for maildir 
> file content? All I can find is information about the directory 
> structure and file naming, not the file content.

As far as I know, this is specified by RFC 5322. 

> mbsync which specialises in maildir also had an initial “From “ line 
> for me, and they are independently configured. I’ll try out a couple 
> of different mail hosts to see if it’s that.

Yes, it could well determined by how the messages are delivered on the

> I can imagine that mutt just assumes they are maildir files once 
> configured that way, but mu also assumes the files are maildir and also 
> uses gmime to parse. However the current version on home-brew (Mac) is 
> linked to a version of gmime which was fixed to accomodate multiple 
> “From “ lines I believe, though I haven’t dug through the source 
> yet.

As I mentioned above, it's not really related to the version of GMime,
it's about how GMime is called, and whether the client wishes to parse
mbox files containing more than one message. Or to ignore the "From "
line at the beginning.

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