BUG: "notmuch insert" fails with "Delivery of non-mail file"

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Thu Mar 7 13:05:22 PST 2019

"Leo L. Schwab" <ewhac at ewhac.org> writes:

> 	As a result, I've been thinking how this might be addressed.  The
> thought I've had is to create a new option to motmuch-insert that
> essentially means, "Skip all validation, just index and deliver."  In other
> words, the input is presumed to have already been validated by an external
> entity, so assume it's good and index and deliver it.  '--keep' effectively
> does this already, but it quashes *all* errors.  I just want to skip the
> validator.

If you move your database out of the way and run notmuch-new, are the
messages delivered by your modified notmuch-insert?  I think that's a
property I'd require for anything we were going to carry upstream.

Also, I'm not sure about turning off _all_ validation vs. just not
checking for mboxes.


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