BUG: "notmuch insert" fails with "Delivery of non-mail file"

Leo L. Schwab ewhac at ewhac.org
Wed Mar 6 22:57:35 PST 2019

On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 01:07:35PM -0300, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Not long ago I switched my mail setup to use notmuch insert via
> mailfilter instead of good old procmail.  However, since then a number
> of emails are reported by notmuch as "non-mail", and appear to not be
> indexed.  (I use --keep, so they're still in my maildir).
	I've been bumping in to the same problem.  I converted 20+ years
worth of mail to maildir format expressly so I could use notmuch.  I almost
didn't do it because the setup was so daunting (reconfigure system MTA/MDA
to deliver in maildir instead of mbox; install, learn, and set up procmail
and/or fetchmail to update the index; modify muttrc; blah blah blah...).

	And then I hit on the idea of creating a .forward file containing:
"|/usr/bin/notmuch insert"  Poof!  Delivery and indexing in one step.

	The downside to this is that, if notmuch-insert fails with the above
error, the MTA tries to bounce the message (so thanks *very* much for making
me aware of the '--keep' option).

	As a result, I've been thinking how this might be addressed.  The
thought I've had is to create a new option to motmuch-insert that
essentially means, "Skip all validation, just index and deliver."  In other
words, the input is presumed to have already been validated by an external
entity, so assume it's good and index and deliver it.  '--keep' effectively
does this already, but it quashes *all* errors.  I just want to skip the

	I could probably kluge up a prototype if anyone thinks that's a
reasonable idea.


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