Notmuch is working too well for me

Kim ALLAMANDOLA kim-nmml at
Sat Oct 13 11:03:45 PDT 2018

> There's a GUI called astroid which I've authoered. It's not completely 
> plug-and-play for non-techies, but it's GUI and can (but does not by 
> default) display HTML mail with images.
I know, and thanks for sharing it, but what I'm hoping is a solution
for generic users which means "a complete package" some something that
in a single apps setup a local maildir from IMAP, synchronize, support
IDLE etc. So something like classic Claws mail&c, only with full local
maildir sync and astroid-like UI.

I can't easily suggest a dummy user "hey setup mbsync, imapfilter,
a script to trigger sync on new mails via IDLE, a script to delete or
refile mails, ... after that you will enjoy a good mail system"...

That's the problem with many powerful tools we have, they are far
superior than anything else but with too limited defaults or scope
to be widespread. Normally that's not a problem but it became now
that we have more and more ignorant (in non-offensive sense) users
and no more "ontological paths" throgh universities, usenet, LUGs

Anyway it's a bit off topic... Sorry for my poor English

-- Kim

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