Notmuch is working too well for me

Vika Shleina kisik21 at
Mon Oct 15 00:35:52 PDT 2018

Quoting Kim ALLAMANDOLA (2018-10-13 21:03:45)
> I can't easily suggest a dummy user "hey setup mbsync, imapfilter,
> a script to trigger sync on new mails via IDLE, a script to delete or
> refile mails, ... after that you will enjoy a good mail system"...

I actually discovered notmuch after I installed home-manager for NixOS
(it's a tool that manages your home dir with reproducible deterministic
config generation), set up my email via it and then wondered how does
this work. Skimmed the documentation and learned about notmuch.

Then I learned about mail tagging, tried it and suddenly it was fun.
I started tweaking my mail script, learned about afew and now it tags
all my mail automatically - the only tags I need to use manually are
`spam`, `unread`, `watch` (watch-tag workflow copied from this mailing
list archive), `inbox` and... that's all. Everything else gets sorted
out automatically.

Well, yeah, full disclosure - I'm a hobbyist programmer (note to self:
strike out the "hobbyist" part when I finish my education). So I guess
not everyone can follow in my footsteps. But from an email noob I got to
fully automated email sorting. It even is kinda compatible with my old
email client on my phone (because afew can move mails after auto-tagging

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