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Justus Winter justus at
Mon Feb 20 03:39:00 PST 2017

David Bremner <david at> writes:

> Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at> writes:
>> Hi there, I did stop using notmuch, true. Let me know if I should hand
>> over administration or if I shouldnsimply delete the package on pypi.
> Hi Sebastian;
> Thanks for the followup.  If no-one steps up to maintain by the end of
> next week, I'd say just delete them from pypi.
> I don't really think that "the notmuch project" needs to be involved in
> deciding who, if anyone, maintains a pypi package (anymore than we
> micromanage who maintains notmuch in various linux distros). I have a
> vague memory that Justus (nominally in charge of the python bindings)
> was not interested in pypi, but I could be wrong. In any case Justus not
> very active lately either.

No, I'm really not, sorry.

Somewhat related, I adopted the Python bindings for GPGME, and I was
convinced by Python users that publishing on pypi is important for the
bindings to be used.  However, we also have the problem of people trying
to build the bindings from pypi with older versions of the library, and
one person actually suggested to build the library itself as part of
building the binginds to work around that.

Nowadays I tend to think that it is better to distribute the bindings
through the same channels as the library.


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