Q: notmuch emacs, fcc, maildir, notmuch insert and message-kill-buffer-on-exit

Vishal Belsare vishal.belsare at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 08:04:47 PST 2017

Vishal Belsare <vishal.belsare at gmail.com> writes:

> Mark Walters <markwalters1009 at gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi
>> I am not sure what the full problem is (I will try and have a better
>> look later), but I think the main problem is that the sending mail part
>> is returning an error. The "Sending...failed to" is coming from emacs,
>> and I think the  "mail for [ -oi -t > ] : send was successful; " from
>> msmtp/msmptq.
> Could it be that because the sent messages get queued to msmtpq, it is
> picked up as an 'error'?
> If it might help, I can try switching to using msmtp instead of msmtpq
> and see whether the fcc notmuch insert works and the message buffer is
> killed.

OK. So just changed the sendmail-program from msmtpq to msmtp. Both
issues disappear. That is to say, message-buffer-kill-on-exit works and
insert with 'sent' tag also happens as expected.

Now it would be wonderful if this could be made to work with msmtpq. I
think that msmtpq's return value upon successfully enqueuing the message
to send, could be read as 'success' for insert and
message-buffer-kill-on-exit to happen.

I do see problems in using something like this, i.e. if a message is
inserted into 'Sent' folder after being enqueued by msmtpq, but msmtpq
then not actually successfully sending the message. Could be nice if an
intermediate folder like 'Outbox' could be used to insert the message
enqueued by msmtp and then later moving it to 'Sent' after actually
sending it.


>> The insert is done after the send, so since this returns an error the
>> insert is never attempted.
> If that is the case, then perhaps both (1) the insert not happening and
> (2) the message buffer not being killed after the message being sent,
> are probably tied to the same underlying issue.
> Vishal
>> Best wishes
>> Mark
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