Q: notmuch emacs, fcc, maildir, notmuch insert and message-kill-buffer-on-exit

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Fri Jan 27 18:23:26 PST 2017

Vishal Belsare <vishal.belsare at gmail.com> writes:

> Vishal Belsare <vishal.belsare at gmail.com> writes:
> Now it would be wonderful if this could be made to work with msmtpq. I
> think that msmtpq's return value upon successfully enqueuing the message
> to send, could be read as 'success' for insert and
> message-buffer-kill-on-exit to happen.

I suspect this is an upstream bug or missing feature in emacs message
mode. Perhaps there needs to be some emacs lisp specialized to msmtp(q),
or perhaps there is a more drop in replacement for sendmail. I know that
nullmailer, a roughly similar MTA provides a /usr/{sbin,lib}/sendmail
binary that does the right thing.

> I do see problems in using something like this, i.e. if a message is
> inserted into 'Sent' folder after being enqueued by msmtpq, but msmtpq
> then not actually successfully sending the message. Could be nice if an
> intermediate folder like 'Outbox' could be used to insert the message
> enqueued by msmtp and then later moving it to 'Sent' after actually
> sending it.

After it's queued, there's not really any sensible way for the emacs ui
to track it's progress. I don't know if msmtp offers some kind of hooks
to facilitate this, but one possible strategy would be to use BCC _and_
FCC, and have the BCC filed in the sent folder (or tagged equivalently).


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