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Wiki License History

The wiki originally had no explicit licensing text. This has been fixed since the wiki commit COPYING: The wiki is now dual licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 and GPL v3+ with the addition of COPYING. To be able to do that all the commits before the license change had to be accounted for; this page is a description of it for posterity.

All the content in the wiki fell into one of these categories, in decreasing order of quantity:

Below is first a list of authors who have agreed to the license change. Next is a list of commits identifying the content in the last three categories. Finally, at the end of the page, is a script for verifying the commits in the wiki repository against the authors and the commits.


The following authors have stated, "I agree that all of my contributions to the notmuch wiki can be dual licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 and GPL v3+."

Adam Wolfe Gordon <>
Adeodato Simó <>
Alexandru Ghitza <>
Amadeusz Żołnowski <>
Andrei Popescu <>
Antoine Amarilli <>
Austin Clements <>
Ben Gamari <>
Bernard `Guyzmo` Pratz <>
Carl Worth <>
Carl Worth <>
Charles Celerier <>
Daniel Schoepe <>
David Bremner <>
David Bremner <>
David Bremner <>
David Edmondson <>
Faidon Liambotis <>
Florian Friesdorf <>
Gregor Zattler <>
Guyzmo <>
Hamish Downer <>
Jameson Graef Rollins <>
Jameson Rollins <>
Jani Nikula <>
Jesse Rosenthal <>
Jesse Rosenthal <jkr@watt>
Jesse Rosenthal <>
Justus Winter <>
Kenyon Ralph <>
Kristian Høgsberg <>
Mark Walters <>
Maximilian Mehnert <>
Michael Kesper <>
Michael Stapelberg <>
Michal Sojka <>
Michal Sojka <>
Petr Baudis <>
Philip Hands <>
Ralph Giles <>
Robbie Harwood (frozencemetery) <>
Sean Escriva <>
Sebastian Fischmeister <>
Sebastian Spaeth <>
Sergei Shilovsky <>
Soeren Finster <>
Stefano Zacchiroli <>
Svend Sorensen <>
Thomas Schwinge <>
Thorsten Behrens <>
Tim Stoakes <>
Tomi Ollila <>
Tomi Ollila <>
Vagrant Cascadian <>
W. Trevor King <>
Xavier Maillard <>
frozencemetery <frozencemetery@localhost.localdomain>
martin f. krafft <>
Øyvind A. Holm <>


The following commits, from authors who could not be reached, have been deemed non-copyrightable (as trivial, cleanup, etc.) or the content has been deleted:

44097e84934cdeb300cb526b682e710c4784383d trivial
e8571f19c1be03b7b29fa28cba80b7bde3cc7b8a news; GPLv3+ from notmuch repo
85063ec790ce2f7152318d225581e5f4fb96ede4 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
2c97f666c6c97bac025e5666afbc02a07e78f30d deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
64753682ebcac84b8934d2c682f575c74d9dc7ca deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
1d7231bf3d86fc9bccf2c04f55b8586fb56c1737 add link
8d3942dde2b3f4b84c27c36e6357e86b3f117c49 deleted content (patchformatting.mdwn)
bdb4c3bd6c7be4fd1d83f6346c789061a5e92417 trivial
64780f2d6503854f503fd49913da07465e49043d deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
0eb698568098800852272a7255e766de5988c7b5 trivial
e5c004916ff69ea08403dffe5ee50f5cafe1b0e8 trivial
91415226d1831ea35d5567997c8431b47ca0db61 cleanup
cfab60c68413c111d4b4462ed002f83332f33f4e trivial
679a378c83370aeacc603ed161208da2288e902a deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
87f260230e0d98fe1e3007205105268ed52bfb45 trivial
ebe33962ec06e29afd80d9130f5f3ab96382d732 add link
22f25b55898bee292bb841b9baec2865de470122 trivial
4277e59a21ed364e987408dbf2ba62cb3b2f0938 trivial
2d44339b72f243553f08c9dae1c182aec0380e82 cleanup
f1bc6af50df4383abc038fd22d26356eb18075bc deleted content (author not reachable)
cc8370490738411c7a33fc0f0c2a318e8b5da897 deleted content (rewritten)
8a5cd7bd9456fa5caf243e50ca288c95371bd573 trivial
e37567f20588e4075b06efd8e29d29f70338ad8c merge
703ae92a5c0acdbea5384b36b78ea341e0b07da1 deleted content (rewritten)
e9e13d3e669e822d7d453c89e4326a64c829c7c2 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
ed1a219c82539da3768812731786d6b34e0ec3d5 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
0a81a0425754e58b128d7323bdb134a773eb60b6 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
9c5f2d5178d5702c5342fa6afdfabf93d21e0e1f merge
c9f9c63e11d4b8aa534457b9ae042c5c1e34fef3 link to deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
5c10a55951057c3f4d05657c24c00898dd0556d1 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
37599ae0c3839973e458d99e1b63a4844acdd454 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
4f3e942c093abe74ca449482d7be5f56e37debf8 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
54e98175f11a9d8e0ab587f86f37ded9fa4140f8 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
5386734f85877be5cec661a86bc64b5732340687 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
4b5bf116f4dbc79be9910bcb6641dbb73fec7388 deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
b8c1f4bfa1c09f0b096869deddea468db5e78d5f deleted content (feature-requests.mdwn)
8b5bfd125901ec41f16f4581f36deeec589c584e cleanup
653e0f2c2a337264d666a05bb48893d7e90a5980 trivial
c6b6f82f02ce133e78e2fba743b0f2bebd2a1769 trivial
7d4ba3c04557a156c3091239cb78271abb211e0a trivial / movement
a5b25a6c5fff843a940424f04a298d33ab563ce5 trivial
8b22c661bd75a1ca15ef6d0b4a60c8224f059039 trivial / rewritten
80bdaf9762c7f8fdf3ae37ee660234eddbef0dda rewritten

License Check Script

You can put the above lists to two files, and run them through this script to show all commits that are not accounted for by one way or another (if everything is well, this should not print anything).


if [ "$#" != 2 ]; then
    echo "usage: $0 agree.txt ignore.txt"
    exit 1

# cutoff point where license was switched

# file listing all authors that have agreed to license change

# file listing all commits that can be ignored

# for each commit from authors that have *not* agreed to license change
for commit in $(git log --format="format:%H %aN <%aE>" $cutoff | \
    grep -v -f $agree | cut -f 1 -d " "); do

    # display commits that are *not* trivial, cleanup, deleted, etc.
    if ! grep -q $commit $ignore; then
        git --no-pager show $commit