Recent changes to this wiki:

Fix muted tag example in excluding.mdwn
Delete comment about notmuch 0.15 or older
Move Emacs 24 tip to the end
notmuch has no verbosity flag
use 'notmuch insert' instead of 'notmuch-deliver'
News for release 0.37
Show recipient in unthreaded sent messages list
Disambiguate Debian notmuch package and notmuch for emacs package.
Old wording could have led people to only install elpa-notmuch, which
does not drag in overall notmuch package.
Correct name of emacs Debian package and notmuch mode.
notmuch-emacs removed from Debian 11 on, so we point to elpa-notmuch
drop toc for lfaq
seems silly for one entry
fix link title, toc
move one faq entry to "less frequently asked questions".
update exclude faq entry
whitespace fixup
markdown mode in emacs insists on doing this, and I guess it is
fix link
add link to mailscripts
fix link
update FAQ entry on tagging threads
complete sentence
fix markdown syntax
mention neomutt
add FAQ entry to diagnose differences between query result and FS
This entry provides simple steps to verify whether excluded search
tags are the cause of the discrepancy between the list of emails on
the file system and the result of a query with folder search term.
add missing punctuation
replace most wikilinks to manpages with external links to docs
The external html docs are (should be!) nicer to read
discuss the "why not regex everywhere" question
Revert "use a wiki link for sexp queries man page"
This reverts commit b7df9b239af4a653abd10cf90fbbe398418fb87c.
It turns out the HTML is noticably nicer to read.
use a wiki link for sexp queries man page
Better (?) I guess to be consistent with other man page references.
add missing punctuation
update faq entry about searching for messages without tags
News for 0.36
add mujmap to wiki
Update database compaction section in performance section
The original text was out of date. This update provides basic information about
using notmuch compact
Added tip on context dependent part selection in emacs
manpages updates for release 0.35
news for notmuch 0.35
add MUA epistula
fix url to .forward
news for notmuch 0.34.3
fix URLs for cgit
update url for message-templ
added dodo to frontends
update contribution guidelines.
Mention, relax a bit about NEWS.
Update MacPorts link
Remove reference to obsolete Nabble archive
news for notmuch 0.34.2
frontends: add aerc
Adds a link to, a terminal email client written
in Go that supports using notmuch as a backend, including with virtual
news for notmuch 0.34.1
NEWS: fix typo in 0.34 news
manpages updates for release 0.34
news for notmuch 0.34
news for notmuch 0.33.2