Recent changes to this wiki:

news for notmch 0.32.1
manpages updates for release 0.32
news for notmch 0.32
emacstips: Clarify mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender complication
emacstip: convert .pdf and .docx to text, pop to buffer
update link to archive
add link to archive
news/release-0.31.2.mdwn: attempt to sort w/ time
news for notmch 0.31.4
cosmic 0.31.3 news fix
news for notmch 0.31.3
Add meli to frontends.mwdn
Set mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender to sign messages
mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender has to be set to t in the
configuration to continue signing messages since Emacs 27.1:
news for notmch 0.31.2
news for notmuch 0.31.1
$ ../notmuch/devel/ ../notmuch/NEWS news
$ git add release-0.31.1.mdwn
$ git commit
git diff -F 0.30 ;: would have helped...
news for release 0.31. manpages version bump
Updating link to fedoraproject package
The packages app that was linked to has been decomissioned. Updating the
link to point at the git repository for the notmuch package.
news/release-0.30.mdwn: thanks for playing, try once more...
news/release-0.30.mdwn: fixed release date
$ git diff -U0 HEAD origin/release NEWS | tail -2
-Notmuch 0.30 (2020-06-01)
+Notmuch 0.30 (2020-07-10)
news for release 0.30
$ cd path/to/notmuch
$ ./devel/
$ ./devel/ NEWS ../notmuch-wiki/news
$ cd ../notmuch-wiki
$ less news/release-0.30.mdwn
$ git add news/release-0.30.mdwn
$ git commit
manpages updates for release 0.30
$ cd path/to/notmuch
$ ./devel/ doc/_build/man ../notmuch-wiki
$ cd ../notmuch-wiki
$ : edit, commit, push
point out that the mbox file is now stale
point list archives to the nmweb frontend
Drop reference to notmuch-commits mailing list.
Bremner and i don't think anyone is using this, and we think that Carl
should probably drop it. If you were relying on this list, please let
us know and we can figure out how to resurrect it!
fix more links to the mailing list
remove pointer to legacy secondary list
point to the new subscribe/unsubscribe page
remove moot assert outside of macro return form
additional remote-notmuch emacs configuration options
Revert "Mention InterIMAP for synchronizing emails"
This reverts commit f74f269a84d927c226418ff74d25daa779b5b854.
Fix interimap detail on keywords
Mention InterIMAP for synchronizing emails
Update another lieer reference
Minor clarification to lieer addition
Mention the rename of gmailieer to lieer
Don't mention temporary list as the currently active
hopefully fix display of patch
fix faq entry for list-id
news for release 0.29.3
add pointers to mailscripts
Add netviel web interface to frontend list
(Disclosure: I am the author of that package)
news for release 0.29.2
link to runnable version
add link to print-mime-structure
since we don't ship it anymore, we need some alternative way for
people to get it.
Add note that org-notmuch was renamed ol-notmuch
fix parenthesis in gnus-alias identity rules definition
news for release 0.29.1
manpages updates for release 0.29
news for release 0.29
old news sync
link to Olly's xapian-check hack