Best practices for notmuch and neomutt

moonmaillist at moonmaillist at
Tue Mar 3 03:13:47 PST 2020

I really want to know best practices or nice virtual-mailboxes, which 
aren't included in normal tutorials. Most tutorial just have 1 email 
address and only use tags like inbox, archive, deleted and spam. But 
there must be much better use cases and much more detailed notmuch 
queries or even hooks which are triggered to specific events.

For me a really good practice is to have all unread messages of all 
mailboxes in one view, like this:

virtual-mailboxes "Unread" "notmuch://?query=tag:unread"

So if I have not much time, I just go through all those new messages and 
tag them for deletion or archive.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and best practices :)

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