notmuch Digest, Vol 121, Issue 1

Aren Tyr aren.tyr at
Wed Nov 6 05:22:38 PST 2019

> From: Antoine Beaupr? <anarcat at>
> Wouldn't it be nice if notmuch-emacs-mua would start instead?
> Worry not my notmuch friends! I have a solution for you!11!!!
> First, you need to drop something like this in /usr/share/applications/notmuch-emacs-mua.desktop
> [Desktop Entry]
> Categories=Office;Network;Email;
> Comment=Notmuch mail
> Exec=notmuch-emacs-mua --client --create-frame --auto-daemon %u
> Name=notmuch-emacs-mua
> MimeType=x-scheme-handler/mailto;
> Type=Application

This is great, thank you (And your message was hilarious!).

Works a treat. One question though.

I already run emacs as a server, so I obviously removed the --auto-daemon

But how do I pass custom emacsclient parameters when calling via
notmuch-emacs-mua? Adding them after the --client switch doesn't work.

Specifically, I run emacs with this command:

emacsclient -nc -s instance1

So the question is, how do I pass the "-nc -s instance1" parameters via
the notmuch-emacs-mua command, so that it loads up my running custom
emacs environment rather than just stock emacs?

e.g. This does not work:

notmuch-emacs-mua --client -nc -s instance1 --create-frame %u

Since the notmuch-emacs-mua knows nothing of the -nc and -s switches.



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