Indentation style (was: [PATCH] notmuch-dump.c: Fix output file being closed twice)

David Bremner david at
Sun Jul 28 13:36:24 PDT 2019

Ralph Seichter <abbot at> writes:

> * David Bremner:
>> I did have to revert one unrelated whitespace change.
> I knew I might run afoul of that the minute I read "Indent is 4 spaces
> with mixed tab/spaces and a tab width of 8" in the code style notes. ;-)
> In my experience, it is error-prone to mix tabs and spaces. Perhaps it
> would be useful to change to all spaces? Also, with an added editor mode
> line, supporting that style would be more convenient (for Emacs and Vim
> at least).

We're using more or less the default for Emacs (you can see the details
in .dir-locals.el).  I'm a bit dubious that we want to re-whitespace
everything, but I'd certainly be receptive to matching configuration for
other editors. Does anyone know if vim indentation can be configured per
project / directory?


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