IMAP with server deletion

Dan Čermák dan.cermak at
Fri Jul 5 06:26:50 PDT 2019

Hi Sam,

I don't have exactly the same setup, but what might work for you is the
move all messages without +flagged into a local Maildir (that is not
synchronized by offlineimap, i.e. "just a folder").

Notmuch will still be able to find your messages and your
synchronization time will go down significantly.

Hope that helps,


Sam Halliday <sam.halliday at> writes:

> Hello all,
> I'm using emacs + notmuch + offlineimap + msmtp to manage my Gmail.
> My gmail account is starting to get so big that an offline sync is time
> consuming.
> I'd like to delete messages on the server, but keep them locally. Is
> that possible with IMAP?
> There is one complicating factor that stops me from being able to use
> fetch-only POP3: I'd like to keep files on the server if they have the
> +flagged tag, which is equivalent to "starred" in the Gmail interface.
> Has anybody got a setup similar to this?
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Sam
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