notmuch ignoring alot of emails

Alvaro Herrera alvherre at
Fri Jun 28 10:16:26 PDT 2019

On 2019-Mar-23, Alexei Gilchrist wrote:

> When I run notmuch I get a bunch (hundreds) of emails that are ignored with:
> Note: Ignoring non-mail file: ...
> The files are valid maildir files but have a paragraph somewhere in the body
> where someone has written "From ".

Yeah, that happens too when you attach patches generated with git
format-patch as plain text; this is extremely common in the
pgsql-hackers at mailing list (you can download an
mbox from there for any month, convert it to a maildir, and give the
resulting maildir to notmuch -- you'll likely find a few dozen emails
that fail parsing).  This is a very annoying problem for me, see
201901181607.4rba4c5uyimv at alvherre.pgsql in this list earlier this year.

I worked around it by patching _notmuch_message_file_parse in
lib/message-file.c to set is_mbox = false unconditionally; but that's
not a real solution (and hence I didn't post as a patch here), and it
explodes real good if you have an actual mbox in the directory where the
mail is (since after the hack it won't skip it anymore).

I think a real solution is to parse the message header, look for the
Content-Length, and determine mbox-ness by looking for "From" only past
that many bytes; that seems to match what other mail parsing tools do.
However, I haven't gotten around to doing that.

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