notmuch search / result:messages instead of threads

David Bremner david at
Thu Jun 6 03:39:35 PDT 2019

meOme <jan-adams at> writes:

> If i use "show --entire-thread=false", I only get the NEWEST Message from a
> Thread matching the word "maria", even if ALL of the messages in the threads
> contain "maria".
> So I can't see the message I am searching for, if it isn't the newest
> message in a thread. So this isn't an option.

It's not supposed to work like that. I just verified and it showed me 3
messages from the same thread matching some terms. Maybe there is some
issue with how you are viewing the output?

> Using "show --entire-thread=true" gives me all the messages, grouped into
> threads, but no advice where (in the whole thread) i can find the info I was
> searching for. So I have to search the whole conversation (let's say up to
> 10 or 20 messages) to find what I was looking for.
> Is that correct or am I missing something?

Typically a front-end will somehow highlight the messages in a thread
actually matching the terms. So in notmuch emacs, only the matched
messages in the thread are displayed as open. If you want to do
something similar, that information is present as the "match" key in the
json / s-expr output.

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