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meOme jan-adams at
Thu Jun 6 00:46:15 PDT 2019

thanks for answering.

Ok, so maybe I misunderstood how to use notmuch mail.
Here's my usecase:
search for "maria" gives me 100 threads (yes I sometimes write to my sister
;) )
Each of these threads contain let's say 1 - 20 messages.
If i use "show --entire-thread=false", I only get the NEWEST Message from a
Thread matching the word "maria", even if ALL of the messages in the threads
contain "maria".
So I can't see the message I am searching for, if it isn't the newest
message in a thread. So this isn't an option.

Using "show --entire-thread=true" gives me all the messages, grouped into
threads, but no advice where (in the whole thread) i can find the info I was
searching for. So I have to search the whole conversation (let's say up to
10 or 20 messages) to find what I was looking for.
Is that correct or am I missing something?

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