Can not view messages in deeply nested threads (emacs)

Landry, Walter wlandry at
Mon Apr 8 12:27:42 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

Back in January, I posted about a problem I had when viewing large
threads.  The workaround was to use tree view.  That worked until today.
Now, when I try to view a new email in either tree view or the regular
view, I get the message

  Re-entering top level after C stack overflow

I am guessing that the thread depth got too deep?  The message is 294
(?!?!?) levels deep.  I can look at messages that are in the same
thread, but not as deep.  After some searching, it seems that this
happens because I have


set too large.  However, if I try setting it smaller, tree view is
unable to display the thread.

I also have astroid and alot installed.  Astroid tends to freeze a lot
whenever I try to look at these messages.  Alot is slow, but works.  The
command line client works without issues.

Is there any way that I can look at these messages in emacs?

Thank you,
Walter Landry

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