deleted flag maildir sync

David Bremner david at
Sat Apr 6 12:20:21 PDT 2019

gras.appart at writes:

> Hello,
> I plan to use notmuch together with isync and an imap account. I would like to be able to delete messages using the IMAP mechanism based on the \Deleted flag and expunge operation.
> My idea would to sync the notmuch 'deleted' flag with the 'T' maildir flag, that isync already synchronizes with the \Deleted IMAP flag. The expunge operation is taken care by isync.
> I've seen that the 'deleted' flag is excluded from the notmuch maildir sync feature. Could you explain the rationale behind this choice ? (*)

For starters see the commit message for 2c26204

> Philippe.
> (*) The documentation refers to the mailing list for a discussion of this topic, but I couldn't find the discussion in the archives.

See for example

and following messages

Hope that helps,


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