disturbing possible bug in notmuch-emacs

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Sat Mar 30 04:11:33 PDT 2019

"Rollins, Jameson" <jrollins at caltech.edu> writes:

> Hi, all.  I encountered a very disturbing bug in my mail configuration
> yesterday.  I'm pretty sure the problem is in notmuch-emacs.  I am
> looking for help in debugging and fixing the issue.
> Yesterday I sent an email with the following To: header as composed in
> notmuch-emacs (individual strings have been changed but all punctuation
> and spacing is preserved):
>   To: John Doe <johndoe at example.com>, "Smith, Bob" <bsmith at example.edu>

I copied this header, and replaced the addresses with routable ones, but
I can't duplicate the problem.  It would be great if you could come up
with a recipe for duplicating this problem starting from "emacs -Q". I
guess by using bouncing addresses it should be safe enough.

> However, if I view the raw text of the sent message, the To: header
> looks like this:
>   To: John Doe <johndoe at example.com>, Smith, Bob <bsmith at example.edu>
> Notice the lack of quotes around the second name.

I would start by verifying the the message was correct (or not)
when it left emacs.

1) How do you get the raw text, via BCC, via FCC, or some other way?
2) What is your mail sending configuration in emacs, in particular what
   is the value of message-send-mail-function?

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