disturbing possible bug in notmuch-emacs

Rollins, Jameson jrollins at caltech.edu
Fri Mar 29 12:14:20 PDT 2019

Hi, all.  I encountered a very disturbing bug in my mail configuration
yesterday.  I'm pretty sure the problem is in notmuch-emacs.  I am
looking for help in debugging and fixing the issue.

Yesterday I sent an email with the following To: header as composed in
notmuch-emacs (individual strings have been changed but all punctuation
and spacing is preserved):

  To: John Doe <johndoe at example.com>, "Smith, Bob" <bsmith at example.edu>

What you see above is what the header looked like in the notmuch emacs
"Message[Notmuch]" compose buffer, and is how it is displayed when I
view the sent message in a notmuch-show buffer.  The addresses were
filled in with the notmuch-address company auto completion.

However, if I view the raw text of the sent message, the To: header
looks like this:

  To: John Doe <johndoe at example.com>, Smith, Bob <bsmith at example.edu>

Notice the lack of quotes around the second name.

The outgoing mail was then sent by my local postfix to the following
*THREE* addresses:

Smith at caltech.edu
bsmith at example.edu
johndoe at example.com

Note the first address was NOT in the original recipient list at all,
and was completely constructed, probably by postfix, since it appended
the "@caltech.edu" which is configured as the "myhostname" in my postfix
configuration?  I don't know.  In any event, there was an actual person
on the other side of that address and they received what was intended to
be a private email.

Obviously the issue is related to the quoting of the second name in the
To:.  Something in notmuch-emacs is not parsing the quotes correctly.
Does anyone know where the problem is coming from?  Obviously this is
quite a serious issue, so I would like to help get it resolved ASAP.


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