How to show embedded images in HTML emails?

yangsheng6810 yangsheng6810 at
Tue Feb 26 14:49:10 PST 2019

I am a new comer to notmuch switching from mu4e. Most of notmuch feels really
great, until I tried to open some HTML emails with images in it. I tried
different setting of =mm-text-html-renderer=, the best I got was with
gnus-w3m which shows images but not at the correct location. (I send and
receive emails with rendered equations and positioning of these rendered
images is crucial) After removing =copiousoutput= from mailcap of text/html,
I managed to make notmuch-view-part work and open it in an external browser.

It works well if the images are just links. However, for embedded images
(cid images), none is showing. It seems the images are not exported
correctly. Is there any way to show these embedded images?

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