How do you synchronize your notmuch tags across multiple machines?

jpellegrini j_p at
Sat Jan 12 14:45:56 PST 2019

Perhaps a bit late to reply to this, but I believe this can be useful:

I managed to sync one machine which runs postfix and receives my email, and
other three (home desktop, work desktop and notebook).

- the server runs Postfix and Dovecot
- muchsync is configured to synchronize local maildirs in the clients with
the same maildir which is used by postfix and dovecot
- the only synchronization I saw as necessary was to not let 2 different
muchsync clients, or the dovecot server, to access the maildir at the same
time (postfix never removes or edits messages, it only drops them in the
maildir). since dovecot /does/ provide a maildir locking program, this was
actually easy to do:

  the clients run this:

 in  the server, the program that muchsync runs (the $remote_program above)

- also, since both myuser, dovecote and postfix will write to the same
directory, I had to configure dovecot and postfix to use my uid and gid (I
actually have these in a postfixadmin setup, so they're in adatabase).

So far it works fine -- because I don't need to use IMAP all the time. I
mostly use notmuch-aware clientes in the desktops and notebook, and only use
IMAP from the phone.

Hope this is useful.

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