How do you synchronize your notmuch tags across multiple machines?

Dan Čermák dan.cermak at
Thu Jan 3 14:27:46 PST 2019

I have just given muchsync a try and it synchronizes email and tags very
quickly. I am quite impressed by it!

Unfortunately, I have hit exactly the same problem that you describe: I
have to have a single machine that pulls in my email via offlineimap and
then sync to the others via muchsync. That is a little inconvenient, as
I was hoping that I could switch the "master" depending on which machine
I am currently using and not having it up and online at all times.

I am afraid that that's not going to be easy to accomplish, as it
requires muchsync and a maildir synchronization program (in my case
offlineimap) to play together. The problem with offlineimap seems to be
that it expects the maildir filenames to have a different form and does
not recognize those that muchsync created (and it instead tries to clone
all my inboxes again). In case I'll manage to get muchsync to work
without a dedicated master, I'll let the list know.



Tom Hirschowitz <tom.hirschowitz at> writes:

> I also use muchsync. Had a few issues with it in the beginning but the
> author, David Mazières, was quite efficient in fixing them, and patient
> with me being awkwardly incompetent. It's been working like a charm
> since then.
> It took me some time to figure out a working set up though. My mail is
> now fetched first on the same machine everytime, and then synchronised
> from other machines through muchsync. This is a bit annoying, and I'd be
> curious if anyone had a better way.
> Tom
>> * Dan Čermák:
>>> I have found muchsync, but unfortunately very little reports about how
>>> well it works, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
>> Muchsync works well for me, although I only need to sync between two
>> machines. It is quite fast after the initial synchronisation, and I
>> did not have any problems yet. I reported a small error in the
>> documentation, but that should be fixed by now.
>> -Ralph
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