another question : date-limit address completion (or somesuch)?

David Bremner david at
Thu Oct 18 13:26:10 PDT 2018

Jeff Templon <templon at> writes:

> Hi,
> Thanks btw for all the answers to the questions.
> I use the tab completion on the To, CC etc fields and like it.  However,
> I have email going back to the nineties, and notmuch TAB completion
> considers all those addresses to be candidates.  It means in many cases
> lots of tabbing work as some of those colleagues have had many addresses
> over the years, and notmuch doesn't always give me the most recent one
> as the first suggestion.
> Is there some way to limit which addresses are provided?  I bet that if
> I could limit the completion candidates to all addresses seen in the
> last year, all problems would be gone!

Try M-x customize-variable <return> notmuch-address-internal-completion


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