tell me how to do this right (mail sent to lists)

Jeff Templon templon at
Wed Oct 10 14:35:46 PDT 2018

Hi David, all:

David Bremner <david at> writes:

> The tag is not associated with the file in Sent, it is associated
> with the message-id.

I guess I didn't make myself clear enough, again.  I didn't mean that
the tag is associated with the file.  What I am guessing is something
like this:

for message in new_messages:
   if not in database:
      process message and determine list of tags
      appy those tags to the messageID

new_messages is the list of files that notmuch had not yet seen.

notice the if statement.  I am guessing, based on the behavior, that
this is how it works.  So the implication would be:

if the first message file encountered for that messageID is the one in
Sent, it does not have a ListID field and hence does not get the list
tags applied.  The second message file (the one sent via the mailing
list) DOES have a ListID field, but notmuch "already knows this
messageID" so it does not look at that message and the list tags never
get applied.

I'm not sure whether it's an afew problem or a notmuch problem ...


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