How old a version of xapian should notmuch support?

David Bremner david at
Mon Sep 10 16:54:11 PDT 2018

Antoine Beaupre <anarcat at> writes:

> There are other and better CI systems out there, in case Notmuch is
> stuck in Travis-land. I have had good experiences working with GitLab CI
> which is based on a slightly saner approach: it uses Docker containers
> as a base, so you can run any base system you want. You can also supply
> your own physical machines as runners for the CI system if you're not
> happy with the provided options.

Well, we had a buildbot installation, which was nice enough, but the
volunteer who ran it moved on to other things. Travis mainly has the
advantage that I don't have to maintain it. Well, except for patching
notmuch to work on it, which hasn't been too heinous so far.


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