Sorting & grouping

Leonard Lausen leonard at
Sat Jul 21 14:57:17 PDT 2018

There have been some previous discussions about introducing more sorting
options: id:87r2vmw6ev.fsf at id:87a82aip0d.fsf at

David has also proposed a new sort API in
id:20171210154956.4049-1-david at

I believe the initial use-case of William was to sort incoming Github
notifications by project? The reasoning may be that less context
switches are necessary while going through the list of unread threads,
which by default would be sorted by date and may mix the threads of
potentially many projects. One workaround would be to issue one search
per project in sequence, but this can quickly become unwieldly as the
number of projects grows.

For this use-case, it seems the notion of "Grouping" results in the
notmuch-search view may be helpful. Consider all Github mails being
tagged with 'software' as well as 'lists/$PROJECT_NAME'. Then, currently
a search for 'tag:software tag:unread' will mix threads from different
projects, sorting all by date. What do you think about adding a 'group'
option that will group mails with the same set of tags (possibly minus a
list of tags to be ignored when grouping) and apply the normal search
order (e.g. by date) within each group? Or is this already possible?

Best regards

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