Notmuch Emacs reply format=JSON

David Bremner david at
Mon Mar 13 04:28:07 PDT 2017

bserrao <bgserrao at> writes:

> Well, at work almost everyone uses Outlook (Exchange Server) and send HTML
> mails. I've made a script to convert mail to html before sending, but when
> replying emacs uses de '>' character has quotation and because of it the
> mail gets messed up when i do the conversion.
> From what i've read i've concluded that if using the format=json those HTML
> pieces were handled differently...maybe i'm wrong. I was just trying to
> find a solution/workaround to deal with this.

I guess the first step is to test on the command line with

% notmuch reply --format=json id:foo


% notmuch reply --format=sexp id:foo

where id:foo is some message-id in your notmuch database.

In both cases you'll get a kind of data structure that you can process
how you like, but I think the strings inside are pretty much the same.

If you're trying to modify elisp, the actual function is

I'm afraid I don't have any specific advice about sending HTML.


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