notmuch-0.18 issues [was Re: notmuch-0.16: realpath() compatibility issue; clang visibility problem]

Tomi Ollila tomi.ollila at
Sun Mar 12 10:24:53 PDT 2017

On Sun, Mar 12 2017, David Bremner <david at> wrote:

> Thomas Klausner <tk at> writes:
>> 1. pkgsrc's copy of rst2man is called "". The configure test
> Since I see notmuch in pkgsrc for netbsd, I guess things have improved.
> I had a quick look at the pkgsrc patches [1].  I don't think we're
> interested in carrying the zlib workarounds upstream, but I guess we

Note that notmuch dump/restore may not work correctly with zlib 1.2.3 !
I tried a while ago (someone suggested on this mailing list) and got
corrupted data. If newer netbsd has newer zlib I'd suggest to use that.

My 3-year old "supportive patch"
still works nicely (building with it on one system and using in two).

> could look at a rename of libutil.a. 'libmyutil.a' is not really nice,
> but I guess we could use libnmutil.a or libnotmuch_util.a.
> Any upstream contributors with opinions on what colour we should paint
> this particular unicycle shed?

>From those 2 my vote would be libnotmuch_util.a. I'd think more of it but I
probably forget.

> d
> [1]:


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