notmuch-0.18 issues [was Re: notmuch-0.16: realpath() compatibility issue; clang visibility problem]

David Bremner david at
Sun Mar 12 09:21:21 PDT 2017

Thomas Klausner <tk at> writes:

> 1. pkgsrc's copy of rst2man is called "". The configure test
> for this fails, of course, and there is another place where rst2man is
> called directly. I've changed that to locally, but it'd be
> good if configure could test for both names, set a variable to the one
> found, and use the variable in the other place.
> 2. doc/Makefile.local has "python" hardcoded. pkgsrc supports multiple
> python versions at the same time, with the disadvantage that there is
> no "python" executable, only "python2.6", "python2.7", "python3.3"
> etc. I've passed in the proper executable name as PYTHONBIN and used
> it in the Makefile.
> 3. installation of notmuch-version.el fails, because the install rule
> has no dependency on the generated file notmuch-version.el. I've added
> such a dependency.

Since I see notmuch in pkgsrc for netbsd, I guess things have improved.
I had a quick look at the pkgsrc patches [1].  I don't think we're
interested in carrying the zlib workarounds upstream, but I guess we
could look at a rename of libutil.a. 'libmyutil.a' is not really nice,
but I guess we could use libnmutil.a or libnotmuch_util.a.

Any upstream contributors with opinions on what colour we should paint
this particular unicycle shed?



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