[PATCH] NEWS for emacs

Mark Walters markwalters1009 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 00:49:20 PST 2017


This is the NEWS updates for most of my changes. I am not quite sure
whether any of my other changes warranted news items -- prod me if you
think they do.

Note I changed the heading to Emacs not Emacs Interface to match
previous releases but obviously that can be changed back if you

Best wishes


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diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
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@@ -9,10 +9,69 @@ Regular expression searches supported for `from:` and `subject:`.
   This requires recent Xapian (1.4+) See notmuch-search-terms(7) for
-Emacs Interface
+Postpone and resume messages in `notmuch-message-mode` (composition)
+  Notmuch now has built in support for postponing, saving and resuming
+  messages. The default bindings are C-x C-s to save a draft, C-c C-p
+  to postpone a draft (save and exit compose buffer), and "e" in show
+  or tree view to resume.
+  Draft messages are tagged with `notmuch-draft-tags` (draft by
+  default) so you may wish to add that to the excluded tags list. When
+  saving a previously saved draft message the earlier draft gets
+  tagged deleted.
+  Note that attachments added before postponing will be included as
+  they were when you postponed in the final message.
+Address Completion
+  It is now possible to save the list of address completions for
+  notmuch's internal completion between runs of emacs. This makes the
+  first calls to address completion much better and faster. For
+  privacy reasons it is disabled by default, to enable set or
+  customize `notmuch-address-save-filename`.
+Tag jump menu
+  It is now possible to configure tagging shortcuts (with an interface
+  like notmuch jump). For example (by default) k u will remove the
+  unread tag, and k s will add a tag "spam" and remove the inbox
+  tag. Pressing k twice will do the reverse operation so, for example,
+  k k s removes the spam tag and adds the inbox tag. See the customize
+  variable `notmuch-tagging-keys` for more information.
+Refresh all buffers
+  It is now possible to refresh all notmuch buffers to reflect the
+  current state of the database with a single command, `M-=`.
+Stop display of application/* parts
+  By default gnus displays all application/* parts such as
+  application/zip in the message buffer. This has several undesirable
+  effects for notmuch (security, triggering errors etc). Notmuch now
+  overrides this and does not display them by default. If you have
+  customized `mm-inline-override-types` then we assume you know what
+  you want and do not interfere; if you do want to stop the display of
+  application/* add application/* to your customization. If you want
+  to allow application/* then set `mm-inline-override-types` to
+  "non/existent".
+Small change in the api for notmuch-search-tag
+  When `notmuch-search-tag` is called non-interactively and the region
+  is set, then it only tags the threads in the region. (Previously it
+  only tagged the current thread.)
+Bugfix for sending messages with very long headers.
-  Save and resume messages in `notmuch-message-mode` (composition).
+  Previously emacs didn't fold very long headers when sending which
+  could cause the MTA to refuse to send the message. This makes sure
+  it does fold any long headers so the message is RFC compliant.
 Library changes

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