Notmuch 0.24 freeze

David Bremner david at
Sun Mar 5 16:38:06 PST 2017

I've tagged 0.24_rc0 (and uploaded it to Debian experimental). I hope to
release 0.24 in about a week. I've started NEWS, but there is a fair
amount I haven't covered.  Please send patches for NEWS describing any
of your contributions that are user visible and reaching some subjective
threshold for notability. Mark, feel free to improve my emacs draft
note, it's more of a placeholder.

Ioan-Adrian Ratiu (5):
      emacs: notmuch-search: add no-display functionality
      emacs: notmuch-search-refresh-view: reuse buffer
      emacs: notmuch-show: refresh all windows displaying buffer
      emacs: notmuch-lib: add refresh all buffers function
      notmuch-config: replace config reading function

Jani Nikula (39):
      cli: try to run external notmuch- prefixed commands as subcommands
      notmuch-emacs-mua: add support for mailto: URL handling
      completion: complete mimetype: search prefix
      doc/ add notmuch-emacs-mua to texinfo documents
      doc/ generate texinfo_documents list from man_pages list
      doc/ abstract notmuch authors
      doc/ reindent, whitespace clean man page, texinfo lists
      doc/ include command name in texinfo document title
      doc: fix references in notmuch-emacs.rst
      build: do not touch roff files after sphinx-build
      build: generate man page list from source files, not
      build: only install known man pages
      man: advertize notmuch-emacs-mua as notmuch emacs-mua subcommand
      emacs: move notmuch-emacs-mua under emacs
      notmuch-emacs-mua: add --hello parameter
      build: install notmuch-emacs-mua with notmuch-emacs
      notmuch.desktop: move under emacs as notmuch-emacs-mua.desktop
      build: install notmuch-emacs-mua.desktop file with emacs
      build: update the desktop database after installing the desktop file
      test: check the handling of files vanishing between scandir and indexing
      cli: abstract config file reading to a separate function
      cli/config: allocate config using talloc_zero
      cli/config: rename name to key in _config_set_list
      lib: fix the todo comment placement on NOTMUCH_STATUS_XAPIAN_EXCEPTION
      lib: use glib for sha1 digests instead of embedding libsha1
      build & util: drop byte order configure check and endian util header
      configure: remove leftover byte order test cleanup
      cli: don't call _entry_in_ignore_list twice in count files debug
      emacs: use (system-name) instead of system-name
      cli/show: list all filenames of a message in the formatted output
      test: test format version difference between v2 and v3
      completion: add bash completion for query: and property:
      cli/show: abstract get content disposition
      cli/show: add content-disposition to structured output message parts
      cli/config: don't try to open config file for 'notmuch help'
      completion: complete notmuch emacs-mua
      emacs/desktop: update to use notmuch-emacs-mua and handle mailto
      lib: use delete[] to free buffer allocated using new[]
      test: shrink T590-thread-breakage test decription to one line

Mark Walters (27):
      emacs: add a tag jump menu
      emacs: tag-jump: make k binding for the reverse tag change map
      emacs: add mimetype completions to searches
      emacs: include first match in address completion
      emacs: mua: extract a common message-send function.
      emacs: mua: check for misplaced secure mml tags
      emacs: tag-jump: docstring fix
      emacs: jump: make multilevel keys do multilevel jump
      emacs: tree: make refresh use generic binding
      emacs: make the refresh functions more consistent
      emacs: hello: stop update from forcing the buffer to be displayed
      emacs: add global keybinding M-= for refresh all buffers
      devel: Document emacs keybindings
      emacs: tree: make tag updates show in the message pane
      emacs: make notmuch-search-tag tag the region when called non-interactively.
      emacs: tree: allow the user to decrypt the message pane
      emacs: tree: use message pane decryption state for replies
      emacs: tree: remove binding for pressing button in message pane
      emacs: postpone a message
      Test: fix draft test for emacs23
      emacs: address: move address-full-harvest-finished to a function
      emacs: address: save hash
      emacs: fully add the notmuch-address customize group
      emacs: company: remove two build warnings
      emacs: show: stop display of application/* parts
      Test: emacs: test for folding long headers.
      emacs: compat: backport fix for folding long headers when sending

Matt Armstrong (2):
      Add notmuch-show--build-queries.
      emacs: make faces readable on dark backgrounds.

Matthew Lear (1):
      Fix reply to encrypted mail when discouraging plain text.

Steven Allen (1):
      docs: fix notmuch_message_properties_value documentation

Tomi Ollila (7):
      test/T000-basic: replaced use of which(1) with shell builtin command -v
      test/ execute basename(1)s lazier in test_expect_equal_file ()
      doc: whitespace cleanup
      test: allow user to choose which gdb to run tests with
      test: wrap 'wc -l' results in arithmetic evaluation to strip whitespace
      test: replaced use of python with $NOTMUCH_PYTHON (twice)
      notmuch-config: ENOENT vs generic handling when file open fails.

W. Trevor King (1):
      nmbug: Add --no-renames to default log options

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