[PATCH] go: Update to the current notmuch_database_find_message API

Justus Winter 4winter at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Mon Apr 30 12:54:20 PDT 2012

Quoting David Bremner (2012-04-30 13:53:47)
> Austin Clements <amdragon at MIT.EDU> writes:
> > The signature of notmuch_database_find_message was changed in 02a30767
> > to report errors and the Go bindings were never updated.  This brings
> > the Go bindings in sync with that change and at least makes them
> > compile with Go r60.3, the last release before Go 1.
> I don't have any easy way to test this, since the current versions in 
> Debian are all based on Go 1.  On the other hand I guess it doesn't make
> things worse.  Anybody have any objections to this patch?


> In the long run we have to decide what to do about these bindings. Seb
> (or anyone else) are you interested in porting them to Go 1 and
> maintaining them?  Otherwise it may be time to deprecate them.

I care enough for the go environment to keep the go bindings
working. I've updated the bindings, the build infrastructure and the
notmuch-addrlookup utility to go 1. I'll send a patch series as a
followup that is meant to be applied upon Austins patch.

The last patch in the series is a cleanup of the source code done with
the gofmt utility. Go is somewhat strict in its coding conventions,
but there is a utility that magically formats code. This makes the go
code in the wild remarkably consistent. We should stick to the
conventions too, hence this patch even if it breaks git blame

I haven't tested the bindings in depth, but the notmuch-addrlookup
utility seems to be working fine.


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