[PATCH] go: Update to the current notmuch_database_find_message API

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Mon Apr 30 04:53:47 PDT 2012

Austin Clements <amdragon at MIT.EDU> writes:

> The signature of notmuch_database_find_message was changed in 02a30767
> to report errors and the Go bindings were never updated.  This brings
> the Go bindings in sync with that change and at least makes them
> compile with Go r60.3, the last release before Go 1.

I don't have any easy way to test this, since the current versions in 
Debian are all based on Go 1.  On the other hand I guess it doesn't make
things worse.  Anybody have any objections to this patch?

In the long run we have to decide what to do about these bindings. Seb
(or anyone else) are you interested in porting them to Go 1 and
maintaining them?  Otherwise it may be time to deprecate them.


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