Unofficial notmuch wiki concerns

Kyle Sexton ks at
Mon Mar 26 10:39:47 PDT 2012


I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on something I setup over this past
weekend.  I put up a site at with notes I took
while getting started with notmuch[1], along with a skeleton for more
information that I'll be updating as I learn. 

There is a disclaimer on the front page saying:

"Please refer to the official page for more information.  This wiki is
not endorsed, sponsored, or recommended by the official notmuch

My goal is to make a site where the documentation is easy to update,
and attractive.  My concern is having too many places out there for
information.  I tried to assuage that with the disclaimer pointing to
the canonical site.  Does the community think there is space for an
unofficial wiki like this?

[1]: Most of the stuff I have written so far is under 'user setups' at

Kyle Sexton

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