[notmuch] lots of emacs mode enhancements

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Sun Nov 22 15:11:22 PST 2009

On Fri, 20 Nov 2009 00:26:33 -0800, Alexander Botero-Lowry <alex.boterolowry at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've just been diving into the elisp, and have added a bunch of useful
> features.

This is fantastic stuff, Alex. Thanks so much for working on it. (And
I'm sorry it took me a while before I got around to reviewing
it. Hopefully I'll be more responsive when I'm done travelling in a
couple of days.

> 1) buttonized citation and signature expanders and made them locally
> collapsable instead of globally 
> 2) fixed an annoying warning about cons not being a face name
> 3) made header names bold to make it easier to distingush them from
> their value

I really like the bold headers. And I can tell that the buttonization is
going to be very nice. But I can't actually get it to work completely. I
first clicked[*] on a signature to make it visible, which worked
find. But then clicking on it again I got "buffer is read-only" and it
wouldn't hide. At that point I couldn't get any of the other buttons to
make things visible either.

So, being unwilling to have hidden content that I can't make visible, I
can't merge this work in its current state. If you can't replicate the
bug, let me know and I'll try to look closer at what's going on.

> (this could take some cleanup to remove
> the global key-map binding or make it work again)

Obviously, we should not have a keybinding that doesn't work. But I'd be
glad to just remove it---if we can do local expansion I don't see a big
reason to have global expansion. At least for things like citations and
signature. For message bodies, that's different, so I can imagine having
an "expand all" keybinding for them.

Meanwhile, the feature that I *will* want is something to make it easy
to use the keyboard alone to show/hide hidden parts. What I want is for
TAB to advance to the next button, so that then I can just press RET on
it to toggle it.

> My next target is to carry the buttonization through to threads and
> headers, and then I'm going to look into doing better mime-handling in
> general.

Great. I'll look forward to that.

> also, RFP includes a -p argument that gives a patch :)

Very nice. It's appreciated.


[*] Any reason we can't make button 1 do this instead of button 2? That
should be more intuitive, and at worst it means that the text on the
button itself is hard to select, which shouldn't be an option.

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