[notmuch] Greetings and suggestions

Brett Viren brett.viren at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 10:08:42 PST 2009


I recently heard about notmuch from a reddit.com posting.  Immediately
I knew I needed to try it.

I've been a long time GNUS user and with VM before that.  GNUS is
great but I have never been very successful getting it to play well
with an indexer.

So far, after a little playing with notmuch I think it looks very good!

I think integrating notmuch into GNUS or incorporating GNUS features
into notmuch.el would be good direction to go.  The two features I see
missing most are:

 - posting styles (ie, set From: to non standard value) based on
search pattern.  This is really important when one subscribes to
different mailing lists using different addresses and the ML only
allows mail from registered addresses.

 - apply tags based on search pattern as new mail is processed.  This
would be like GNUS split-rules, but even better as one can place more
than one tag.

Anyways, great project and I look forward to contributing where I can.


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