Notmuch 0.37 (2022-08-21)


Fix uninitialized field in message objects.

Improve exception handling and error propagation for message objects.

Sexp Queries

Add one sided lastmod ranges for sexp queries.

Expand macro parameters inside regex and wildcard modifiers.

Command Line Interface

notmuch help now works for external commands.

NOTMUCH_CONFIG is now passed to external commands and hooks.

Promote the development tool nmbug to a user facing tool notmuch-git. See notmuch-git(1) for details.


The function notmuch-mua-mail now moves point depending on the provided arguments.

Restrict what mime types are inlined in replies and on refresh.

The functions in notmuch-query.el are now obsolete and may be removed in a future version of Notmuch.

Add some controls for lazy display of message bodies (See "Dealing with large messages and threads" in the notmuch-emacs documentation).

Allow the user to select (with '%') a different duplicate message file to display.

Use message-dont-reply-to-names in notmuch-message-mode.

Support custom header-line format for notmuch-show mode.