Notmuch 0.35 (2022-02-06)


Implement the date and lastmod fields in the S-expression parser.

Ignore trailing / for pathnames in both query parsers.

Rename configuration option built_with.sexpr_query to built_with.sexp_queries.

Do not assume a default mail root in split (e.g. XDG) configurations.

Fix some small memory leaks in notmuch_database_open_with_config.


Improve handling of leading/trailing punctation and space for configuration lists.

Only ignore .notmuch at the top level in notmuch new.

Optionally show extra headers in notmuch show. See show.extra_headers in notmuch-config(1).


Drop C-TAB binding in hello mode, document backtab.

Fix visual glitch in search mode by running notmuch-search-hook lazily.

Don't add space to completion candidates, improves compatibility with third party completion frameworks.

Make citation formating more robust against whitespace.

Use --excludes=false when generating the 'All tags' section.

Use cached copy of message body for Fcc, avoiding variant bodies for signed and/or encrypted messages.

Add notmuch-logo.svg and use it in notmuch-hello view, replacing the .png version.

Make header line in show buffers optional.

Add customizable names for search buffers.


Fix out-of-tree build for python-cffi bindings.

Rearrange position of {C,CXX,CPP,LD}FLAGS, prevent some clashes with installed version of notmuch.

Ignore more configure options.

Test Suite

Replace some uses of gdb in the test suite with LD_PRELOAD based shims.

Use --with-colons for gpgsm, fix compatibility with newer gnupg.

Python bindings

Add matched property to message objects.

Users are reminded that the old python bindings in bindings/python are deprecated; this will probably be the last major release that ships them.


Use database.mail_root for path completion in bash/zsh.