Notmuch 0.32 (2021-05-02)


This release includes a significant overhaul of the configuration management facilities for notmuch. The previous distinction between configuration items that can be modified via plain text configuration files and those that must be set in the database via the "notmuch config" subcommand is gone, and all configuration items can be set in both ways. The external configuration file overrides configuration items in the database. The location of database, hooks, and configuration files is now more flexible, with several new configuration variables. In particular XDG locations are now supported as fallbacks for database, configuration and hooks. For more information see notmuch-config(1).


To support the new configuration facilities, several functions and constants have been added to the notmuch API. Most notably:

A previously requested API change is that notmuch_database_reopen is now exposed (and generalized).

The previously severe slowdowns from large numbers calls to notmuch_database_remove_message or notmuch_message_delete in one session has been fixed.

As always, the canonical source of API documentation is lib/notmuch.h, or the doxygen formatted documentation in notmuch(3).


The notmuch config set subcommand gained a --database argument to specify that the database should be updated, rather than a config file.

The speed of notmuch new and notmuch reindex in dealing with large numbers of mail file deletions is significantly improved.


Completion related updates include: de-duplicating tags offered for completion, use the actual initial input in address completion, allow users to opt out of notmuch address completion, and do not force Ido when prompting for senders.

Some keymaps used to contain bindings for unnamed commands. These lambda expressions have been replaced by named commands (symbols), to ease customization.

Lexical binding is now used in all notmuch-emacs libraries.

Fix bug in calling notmuch-mua-mail with a non-nil RETURN-ACTION.

Removed, inlined or renamed functions and variables:

notmuch-documentation-first-line, notmuch-folder,
notmuch-hello-trim, notmuch-hello-versions => notmuch-version,
notmuch-remove-if-not, notmuch-search-disjunctive-regexp,
notmuch-sexp-eof, notmuch-split-content-type, and

Keymaps are no longer fset, which means they need to be referred to in define-key directly (without quotes). If your Emacs configuration has a keybinding like:

(define-key 'notmuch-show-mode-map "7" 'foo)

you should change it to:

(define-key notmuch-show-mode-map "7" 'foo)