Notmuch 0.32.1 (2021-05-15)


Restore handling of relative values for database.path that was broken by 0.32. Extend this handling to database.mail_root, database.backup_dir, and database.hook_dir.

Reload certain metadata from Xapian database in notmuch_database_reopen. This fixes a bug when adding messages to the database in a pre-new hook.

Fix default of $HOME/mail for database.path. In release 0.32, this default worked only in "notmuch config".


Restore the dynamically bound variables tag-changes and query in in notmuch-before-tag-hook and notmuch-after-tag-hook.

Add notmuch-jump-key face to fontify keys in notmuch-jump and related functions. To ensure backward compatibility, the new face inherits from minibuffer-prompt.