Notmuch 0.30 (2020-07-10)


Handle S/MIME (PKCS#7) messages -- one-part signed messages, encrypted messages, and multilayer messages. Treat them symmetrically to OpenPGP messages. This includes handling protected headers gracefully.

If you're using Notmuch with S/MIME, you currently need to configure gpgsm appropriately.

Mixed-up MIME Repair

Detect and automatically repair a common form of message mangling created by Microsoft Exchange (see index.repaired=mixedup in notmuch-properties(7)).

Protected Headers

Avoid indexing the legacy-display part of an encrypted message that has protected headers (see index.repaired=skip-protected-headers-legacy-display in notmuch-properties(7)).


Drop support for python2, focus on python3.

Introduce new CFFI-based python bindings in the python module named "notmuch2". Officially deprecate (but still support) the older "notmuch" module.


Support for Xapian 1.2 is removed. The minimum supported version of Xapian is now 1.4.0.