Notmuch 0.3.1 (2010-04-27)

General bug fixes

Fix an infinite loop in "notmuch reply"

This bug could be triggered by replying to a message where the user's primary email address did not appear in the To: header and the user had not configured any secondary email addresses. The bug was a simple re-use of the same iterator variable in nested loops.

Fix a potential SEGV in "notmuch search"

This bug could be triggered by an author name ending in a ','. Admittedly - that's almost certainly a spam email, but we never want notmuch to crash.

Emacs bug fixes

Fix calculations for line wrapping in the primary "notmuch" view

Fix Fcc support to prompt to create a directory if the specified Fcc directory does not exist

Build fix

Fix build on OpenSolaris (at least) due to missing 'extern "C"' block

Without this, the C++ sources could not find strcasestr and the final linking of notmuch would fail.