Notmuch 0.27 (2018-06-13)


Add support for thread:{} queries

Queries of the form thread:{foo} and thread:{bar} match threads containing (possibly distinct) messages matching foo and bar. See notmuch-search-terms(7) for details.

Command Line Interface

Add the --full-scan option to notmuch new

This option disables mtime based optimization of scanning for new mail.

Add new --decrypt=stash option for notmuch show

This facilitates a workflow for encrypted messages where message cleartext are indexed on first read, but the user's decryption key does not have to be available during message receipt.


An initial manual for notmuch-emacs is now installed by default (in info format).


As of this release, support for versions of Xapian before 1.4.0 is deprecated, and may disappear in a future release of notmuch.