Notmuch 0.25 (2017-07-25)


Add regexp searching for mid, paths, and tags.

Skip HTML tags when indexing

In particular this avoids indexing large inline images.

Command Line Interface

Bash completion is now installed to /usr/share by default.

Allow space as separator for keyword arguments.


Support for stashing message timestamp in show and tree views

Invoking notmuch-show-stash-date with a prefix argument stashes the unix timestamp of the current message instead of the date string.

Don't use 'function' as variable name, workaround emacs bug 26406.

Library Changes

Add workaround for date parsing of bad input in older GMime

In certain circumstances, older GMime libraries could return negative numbers when parsing syntactically invalid dates.

Replace deprecated functions with status returning versions

API of notmuch_query{search,count}{messages,threads} has changed. notmuch_query_add_tag_exclude now returns a status value.

Add support for building against GMime 3.0.

Rename libutil.a to libnotmuch_util.a.

libnotmuch SONAME is incremented to